Getting Ready to Teach an Online Course at Truman?

Get important training and experience while earning certification in one of three great options for new online instructors.

Option 1:

Teaching Online:  An Introduction to Online Delivery          

Provost’s Office & Department must arrange to pay enrollment fee of $200

This workshop explores basic components of online course delivery.  Participants will be introduced to differences between traditional face-to-face learning and online learning, the instructor’s role in the online classroom, the importance of getting (and keeping) students engaged, and methods of facilitating online discussions using the discussion board. 

Course is online over the course of two weeks, (offered every month or two) and it is facilitated.  There are no prerequisite requirements. Participants can expect to spend 4-10 hours per week to successfully complete this workshop. 

Option 2:

Magna Online Courses: Step-by-Step 
(see additional details at - ) Provost’s Office & Department must arrange to pay enrollment fee of $299

This online training program shows you how to make the leap from traditional classroom to virtual classroom.   Online Courses: Step-by-Step is an online training program, led by online veteran John Orlando, Ph.D., that introduces you to critical online teaching concepts and gives you the tools you need to get your classes online successfully.

It's organized into three convenient modules:

  1. Online Pedagogy
  2. Design & Assessing
  3. The Tools

Option 3:

Truman’s Ready, Set, Click! (Self-guided/Un-Moderated version) No charge for this "in-house" course.

  • Online – In Blackboard
  • Self-Guided/Self-Paced Section
  • Enrollment available at any time upon request

This workshop provides information and strategies for successful online teaching and learning in an un-moderated, self-paced format.   

If you are preparing to teach a fully online course, or just wishing to “blend” or “hybridize” a traditional course, this workshop will be helpful in identifying those issues that make the online classroom different and how to address them in ways to set yourself and your students up for a successful Truman experience.

This workshop is fully online - with all content and assessments available via Blackboard.  In the spirit of language immersion classes - participants will have the experience of being an online student while learning about online instruction strategies. 

Participants should have an intermediate level of Blackboard knowledge.  If preliminary training is needed, open hours for Blackboard training and Q&A are held the first Thursday of each month in MC 215 from 9:30-11:30 A.M.   Blackboard administrator, Sherry Dare is also available for individual training sessions by appointment.

The schedule of the Self-Paced/Self-Guided Ready, Set, Click! workshop is flexible.  Participants should negotiate with their dean to select appropriate target start and end dates.  Participants, once enrolled, may proceed through the materials at their own pace, completing the 4 unit quizzes and 1 final exam with certain mastery level scores.  All other journals, wikis, discussion boards and other interactive-type assignments are optional (included for demonstration purposes) in this workshop.



Successful completion of any one of these three workshops will meet the Provost’s requirement for online certification – which must be met in order to teach a fully-online course here at Truman.