This page is dedicated to providing you with a few new applications on the market that we find useful and hope you will, too.  There are FREE versions of these apps that work well to help you create learning objects for use in face-to-face, blended, flipped, and online classes. 

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This application can be used for webinars and virtual office hours.  To sign up for an account, visit

For a demo/tutorial, please watch below:




Zoom is another application that can be used for webinar teleconferencing as well as to pre-record lectures and share them with students.  This tool is extremely versatile, and allows up to 25 participants to join a webinar at any given time.  You can schedule recurring meetings to hold virtual office hours, or schedule an impromptu webinar and invite participants on the fly.  See more by going to

To watch a video tutorial to help you get started, please watch the tutorial below:



For a How-To Guide to read, please click on the link below: