Note to faculty: to set up the SMART Notebook software on your office computer, use this link.  Click to download the software product for your operating system. Versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Please contact us at or x7750 for the required product key for your installation.

Here is a 2-Minute video demo for basic use of the SMART Board

Here is a 2-minute video demo for basic use of the SMART Notebook software

SMARTTech's list of tips, tutorials and guides for the instructor using SMART products.

Getting Started on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard (a beginner's webinar on using SMART Board)

SMART Board interactive whiteboard (some quick reference guides can be found here)  (another very helpful resource) (Using PowerPoint on a SMART Board) (SMART Classrooms™ channel) (SMART Boards: Why are they so easy to use?) (where to go for support products) (SMART Board - Shape Pen Demo) (Notebook 10 Table Demo)