The Classroom Capture Studios, aka C-Level Smart Classrooms are Truman's highest level of technology-based classrooms.  These C-Level Rooms are booked throughout the day - providing an enhanced teaching/learning experience for hundreds of students.

In the classrooms, instructors can capture their lessons using the Panopto lecture capture system and post those recordings onto Blackboard, making the learning experiences of a given day expand beyond the walls and time limits of the classroom. Many other features, both low-tech and high-tech enhance the teaching and learning experience in these special classrooms.  Learn more about these features by visiting our technology information page.

The locations of the C-Level Classrooms are as follows:

Baldwin Hall 156

Baldwin Hall 314

Baldwin Hall 351

Barnett Hall 2217

Barnett Hall 2219

Health Sciences 2203

Health Sciences 3205

Magruder 1098

Ophelia Parrish 2117

Ophelia Parrish 2121

Pickler Memorial Library 103

Violette Hall 1010

Violette Hall 1232

Violette Hall 1236

Violette Hall 1324