Blackboard for Students at Truman

Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack (SP)9 Enhancements

On December 28th, 2012, Blackboard was upgraded to Blackboard 9.1, Service Pack 9.  This update brings new feature enhancements that produce a more effective workflow for instructors and students.  The following is an overview of changes:

Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 9 Enhancements:

•   New Interface:  The visuals for Blackboard actions and menus will change a bit, but functionality remains the same.  

•   Course-to-Course Navigation:  Allows users to move from course to course, while retaining the task from the original page of any recently accessed course.

•   Automated Re-grading:  Instructors can adjust test question options by editing a question after the test is deployed.  The question can be dropped, change point value, or change the correct answer.  Blackboard will recalculate the score of all submitted tests.

•   Negative Marking:  Allows instructors to apply negative point values for wrong answers on test questions.

•   Activity Reports:  Provides reporting on how students are utilizing the course and materials.

Please take a moment to review the video tutorials and text guides below regarding recent changes in Blackboard with our Service Pack 9 enhancement.

The New Blackboard Theme [Blackboard 9.1 SP 9] (Flash/SWF)

Course to Course Navigation [Blackboard 9.1 SP9] (Flash/SWF)

Unless otherwise noted, the rest of the video tutorials and guides and printable resources found on this page are still applicable, even though the theme has been updated. 

Blackboard Learn 9.1

Guides and Printable Resources

Student Quick Start (pdf)

Blackboard Student Manual (pdf)

Blackboard Glossary

Academic Integrity brochure (pdf) from the Student Affairs Office

Participating in Discussion Board Forums (pdf)

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Video Guidelines

Reporting Problems

Tips for Successful Test Taking in Blackboard

Video Tutorials

Introduction to Blackboard ( Flash video)

Discussion Board Forums in Blackboard (Flash video)

Submitting Assignments in Blackboard (Flash video)

Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center for Students

Blackboard Student and Faculty Support Resource Center