The tutorial below will help you get started with Adobe Connect:



Additional Resources to help you get started:

User Live Daily Training: Adobe offers a series of daily live training sessions covering the basics on how to get started as well as some more advanced features to get new users up and running.

PDF invitation which includes live registration links.

Overview videos: Adobe Connect offers several overview videos covering each module of the product: Meeting, Training, Events and Presenter.

Adobe TV Tutorials: Adobe TV offers a variety of Adobe Connect tutorials from creating a meeting, recording a meeting, to using VoIP and more.

Quick Start Guides: 2-page simple quick start guides with visual aids are available for Adobe Connect participants and hosts. Please distribute accordingly:

Transition Guides: The transition guides show users the basic differences between Adobe Connect and your experience with previous products, such as WebEx or Microsoft LiveMeeting.

To view all of these resources and more, please visit the Getting Started section on Adobe Connect's user community at