Computer Skills

To be an efficient online learner, you must possess some basic computer skills, such as the ability to access e-mail, attach a file, copy and paste text, download a file, save a file, and evaluate sources found on the Web. 

You must also be comfortable using multiple browsers.  Truman's course management system, known as Blackboard, supports Mozilla Firefox as the preferred browser. While in many cases, Blackboard works just fine in other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, if you experience any difficulties you may be asked to attempt the same action in a different browser for troubleshooting purposes. 

The web tutorials listed below should provide you with more information to help you become better prepared for online learning.

Click here to view web tutorials for Microsoft Office and Open Office programs.

To learn more about all things Web, including browsers, plug-ins, clouds, internet safety, and much more, click here

To view additional information to help you evaluate sources found on the Web for use in your online courses, please click on the links below.

Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages from Cornell University Library

Critical Evaluation of Resources from The University of California Berkley Library

To learn more about proper ettiquette in e-mailing your professor, click here.